Visit-by-appointment in BASE-Gestió d'Ingressos offices

In order to obtain assistance in BASE offices, it is necessary to apply for an APPOINTMENT to speed up operations and avoid waiting times, as well as large concentrations of people.

You can apply for your telephone appointment in order to be contacted by phone by BASE.

Requirements for an on-site appointment

  • Use masks is mandatory. 
  • Keeping a safety distance with other people. 
  • A maximum of 1 accompanying person is allowed. 
  • The appointment will last for 15 minutes and will include one single citizen. 
  • Capacity inside the office is limited to those being assisted. Waiting rooms are not operational.


  • We will prioritise telephone assistance and procedures via BASE e-headquarters. 
  • Those that must interact with the administration electronically can only apply for an appointment when the desired procedure is not available in BASE e-headquarters. 
  • Cancel an appointment if you cannot attend it.
  • In order to perform a procedure on behalf of the person concerned, either the powers of attorney or the M903-General representation / authorisation of agent document must be provided, together with a copy of DNI of the person concerned and their representative.
  • You can download payment cards at e-headquarters without a digital certificate. 
  • You can pay for your receipts:
    • In the collaborating entities detailed in the payment card and according to the selected method:
      • Via Internet
      • Via telephone banking
      • Via ATM
    • Using a card:
    • o In person, in the BASE offices with a card and an appointment. 
  • Domicile 2021 tributes. Request information by calling BASE offices phone numbers.

Applying for an APPOINTMENT

You can apply for either an ON-SITE OR TELEPHONE APPOINTMENT via:

  • By telephone for any of our BASE offices
  • By calling BASE customer service: 977.25.34.00 
  • By accessing BASE e-headquarters: APPOINTMENT