Technical requirements to access to BASE on-line

To proceed any application to BASE electronic the following technical requirements should be installed in your computer:


  • Internet Explorer 10 or upgraded versions.
  • Mozilla Firefox 48.6 (not higher than version 51).
  • Safari.

If you need to signing:, you should have the following browser

Ensure that you pop-up blocker is disabled.

Java Runtime v7 or upgraded version

Check if last version of Java or any compatible program is installed in your computer. You can download the upgraded version from the following link:

IMPORTANT: If you are going to operate with the fines application, the necessary Java version is 32-bit Java SE Runtime Environment 8u111.

We will have to add urls BASE and and the list of exceptions.

To do this we apply the procedure:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This program allows you to see all the documentation generated over the electronic headquarters.

Click the following link to download a free version:

Public keys

To perform any procedure and formality at the BASE on-line it is necessary to have the public keys of Local Administration of CATCert. You have to confirm that you trust in this entity in the case of the system asks it you. To obtain the keys you have to click the following link and follow the indications:

Digital certificate

What is this?

A digital certificate, issued by the appropriate authority, authenticates and guarantees the confidentiality of communications between individuals, legal persons or entities and public institutions over open communication networks. It guarantees that only authenticated individual or legal entities can access the information and prevents replacements.

The digital certificate system allows the access to different procedures as the digital signature of documents, e-mails and web applications, or the identification before the administration.

How to get the digital certificate?

The Certification Authorities that issue certificates accepted for BASE-online procedures are as follows:

Certificate Authority How to get it?
T-CAT Agència Catalana de Certificació (CATCert)

Checking the digital certificate

From this link you can perform a test with a digital certificate, signing a small text: