Legal notice

General information on the BASE - Gestió d’Ingressos e-headquarters and its contents

The offices of BASE - Gestió d’Ingressos are at 2, Pere Martell Street, 43001 Tarragona (tel. 977 25 34 00; fax 977 22 73 02).

The e-headquarters is the electronic address available for the citizenship. The ownership, management and administration of this site belongs to BASE - Gestió d'Ingressos in exercise of its executive powers. The BASE - Gestió d’Ingressos website is on the Internet domain, but the contents and services provided may be made available on other domains, on a periodic or permanent basis.

BASE-Gestió d'Ingressos guarantees the veracity, integrity and the update of information and services available at the e-headquarters. When the nature of the contents or the requested service requires secure access, the connection will be via

Available information at the e-headquarters are the following:

  • Regulations of the Organism. 
  • Calendar of the Contributor. 
  • The updated communications, applications or requests that could be submitted by electronic means.

Creation of the e-headquarters

Creation agreement of BASE-Gestió d'Ingressos e-headquarters was published in the BOP on June, 12th 2010.

Protection of intellectual property rights

The contents and graphics on the website are the exclusive property of BASE - Gestió d’Ingressos. All contents on the website are considered intellectual property, except those considered otherwise in the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, in Article 13 of the Royal Decree 1/1996 of 12 April. Using or copying any current or future content must be according to what is set out and limited by the Law.

Personal data protection

In accordance with Law 15/1999, of 13 December, covering Personal Data Protection, we inform you that your details will be added to our database for management, control, and collection of local taxes and other municipal revenue.

By providing your telephone number or e-mail address on an application, you agree to these being used to notify you of any taxation related matters. Electronic signature use is also regulated by the administrative orders of Law 59/2003, of 19 December, on electronic signatures and Law 11/2007, of 22 June, on citizens' electronic access to public services.

We also inform you that, according to the terms of the legislation currently in force, you can exercise your rights to access, rectify or delete your information, or refuse to have it included in our files by presenting a written statement to the general register (Registre General), at 2, Pere Martell Street, 43001 Tarragona.

Responsibility for the contents

In agreement with the legislation currently in force on citizens' electronic access to public services, Law 11/2007 of 22 June, BASE - Gestió d’Ingressos will ensure that the information, contents, services offered and services made available on the website fully meet standards of integrity, accuracy, updating, accessibility and usability. Updated information, which is indicated accordingly, should be taken into account.

BASE - Gestió d’Ingressos also reserves the right to modify and delete contents and to restrict or prevent access to contents, temporarily or permanently, without previous notice, in compliance with the aforementioned law.

BASE - Gestió d’Ingressos can not be held responsible for information or contents of other web pages to which it refers, or links, on its web page.