VALid as an identification system integrator


VALid is a service of the AOC Consortium that offers access, with a single integration, to different identification mechanisms that citizens can use when interacting with Catalan public administrations. Currently, the available systems are the following:

  • idCAT Mobile. It’s a mechanism offered by the AOC Consortium based on sending one-time passwords to the user's mobile phone, previously registered. 
  • Authentication with qualified or recognized certificate. It offers a mechanism to identify users who have a qualified or recognized certificate, both in software and on a card. 
  • Cl@ve. It’s the user identification system used and offered by the General State Administration.

In addition to users identifying, the VALid system allows linking authenticated identities to electronic documents, providing an ordinary signature mechanism. The signatures produced through this functionality link the identity of the authenticated person with the document and also with the evidence obtained throughout the process. As a guarantee of this connection and the integrity of the whole process, the AOC Consortium electronically seals all the signatures generated by this procedure.

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