Base On-line



Goals and functionalities

The objective of BASE-Gestió d’Ingressos is that everybody, regardless of any disabilities, age or of having access to the web using less common technology, has no difficulty in accessing and browsing this web.

For this reason, the development of this website is based on compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Web 1.0 established by W3C (the Web Accessibility Initiative).

Some of the functions implemented are:

  • The visual characteristics of the portal (font type and colour, background, etc.). The user can personalise the visualisation by selecting text settings from a list.
  • The size of the fonts has been defined with relative units, so that the size of the text can be increased or decreased from the browser options.
  •  The pages have a clear structure so that the user can see the full content on screen or by using a screen reader, etc. HTML code has been used to define the section headings, the lists and all the elements which aid in the general view of the website.
  • The XHTML 1.1 and CSS codes used conform with standard machine-readable grammar to guarantee correct visualisation of content using different browsers.

If you encounter difficulty in accessing the content, please contact us.


At the moment, there may be difficulty in accessing the following areas and content on the website, we are working to make them accessible in the near future:

  • Auctions
  • Tax byelaws
  • Tax payment on the Internet
  • Self-assessed payment for IVTM (vehicle tax)
  • Form 016 - IAE declaration