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Modifying personal data and the relation with BASE

What does it allow?

Modification of the personal data of an identifying nature and relating to the fiscal or communication address contained in BASE-Gestió d'ingressos.

Also the activation or modification of consent to receive electronic notifications, as well as to receive messages and alerts of a tax nature or other revenues under public law.

Who can apply for it?

  • The person concerned
  • The legal representative

Procedure channel

On-site: You can present the document at any of Base-Gestió d’Ingressos offices.

Postal Mail: You can send the model by postal mail:

You can also carry out this procedure through the Electronic Headquarters BASE (with digital certificate).

Required documentation

  • Accreditation of the identification of the applicant and the legal representative (if any), through the documentation in force. 
  • Documentation proving the legal representation, if applicable. 
  • In case of acting as a representative of a legal entity, a copy of the power of attorney or assimilable public document.
  • In case of a community of owners, a copy of the minutes of the owners' meeting or certification of the secretary-administrator.
  • In case of other entities, a copy of the document of incorporation or statute of the entity.
  • A local council registration certificate, DNI (identity card) or any other document accrediting a home address must be shown to change a tax address. For a trading company, the deeds with the habitual or registered address of the business activity are needed.
  • To change the address where communications are received the tax payer or an accredited agent can go to a BASE office and present any document proving the identity of the tax payer. Any address can be given for receiving communications.

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